Color Coded Seed Packet Key

June 5, 2014 in 18th Century Garden, Feast or Famine, How Does Your Garden Grow? by M C


MOBY is Coming! And obviously a certain amount of celebration needs to take place, right?

To celebrate I am carrying “business cards” of seed packets.  I researched these varieties carefully so they would be as authentic as possible to the experience of a late 18th century American kitchen garden, and these varieties are compatible with small spaces, so can be grown in pots if you don’t keep a garden plot.

Claire’s Wee Garden Seeds are color coded, and I’ll be carrying them with me to Seattle, or at one of the Outlander Vermont or New York gatherings.  I’ll also be attending the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, or the big one.. in Rhinebeck NY.

If you have a packet of Claire’s Wee Garden Seeds? Then you’ll need the key below to figure out which variety you have. Or.. no cuir ‘s fan agus chì thu na thig (plant, and wait, and see what comes).

These varieties were carefully chosen to give you a taste of the 18th century kitchen garden. To see what you have and how to grow it, click on the color of your packet. For more information on 18th century vegetable gardening we highly recommend Vegetable Gardening the Colonial Williamsburg Way: 18th-Century Methods for Today’s Organic Gardeners

Color Coded Seed Packet Key

 Yellow yellow  Burgundyburgandy
 pink1Bright Pink  ltgreenLight Green
 ltbrownLight Brown  redRed
purple Purple  orangeOrange
 kaikiKaki  ltblueLight Blue
 brownDark Brown  fuchiaBright Purple
 grayGray  pinkLight Pink
 dkgreenDark Green dkblue Dark Blue
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